A Minute with Mayor Willey

Well, Christmas activity is behind us and now attention turns to the coming year that is already shaping up to be just as busy as the one before. Several new housing projects are going through the permitting process.  Be sure to stay informed. There’s been lots of exciting news over the past few weeks: Ordinance 793 was approved giving us the go-ahead to purchase Easton Woodland Park, a 197-acre plot of land off of Oxford Road, the Public Works and Engineering teams have wrapped up construction on the sidewalk along Elliot Road, Parks and Recreation activities are picking up, and, of course, there is a Municipal election on May 2nd. Several events, such as Chesapeake Fire and Ice on February 17 and 18 are being offered so be sure to stay tuned. Please be mindful of the upcoming plastic bag ordinance beginning on April 2, 2023, and make plans to begin bringing reusable bags with you when shopping around town. 

Before you know it it will be spring again and time to get outside!