Easton Announces Ordinance 784/Plastic Bag Ban

Community is encouraged to bring their own bags for purchases

In advance of Ordinance 784 taking effect on April 2, 2023, the Town of Easton, Easton EDC, and Discover Easton are partnering to spread awareness and information about the ordinance to businesses, residents, and tourists.  

Ordinance 784, states that as of April 2, 2023, retail establishments can no longer provide single-use plastic bags to customers. Council President Megan Cook remarked, “The intended goal of this ordinance is for customers to bring their own reusable bags in order to cut down on the massive amounts of waste and litter caused by single use plastic bags.” Cook continued, “The switch to reusable bags will be a big step forward in keeping our waterways clear, our streets clean, and our habitat healthy.”

The Easton EDC has been reaching out to local businesses about the transition, and has found some businesses are ahead of the curve. Easton EDC Executive Director Holly DeKarske said, “Some of our local merchants have traditionally used reusable bags and are positive about the new ordinance.” DeKarske notes, “We are designing a resource kit which will be distributed locally in late March and our team is available to help you utilize the branding kit and marketing tools.”

Some retail establishments have already made the change, and have shared the difference it has made. Eat Sprout owner Ryan Groll says his store began offering reusable bags in 2017. Since then, he estimates they have prevented the use of over a quarter million single use plastic bags. Other larger stores such as ACME and Staples have transitioned in other regions and are well-prepared to make the switch here. 

For more information on the plastic bag ban, please visit https://eastonmd.gov/587/Plastic-Bag-Ban where you can find information on what to expect, answers to frequently asked questions regarding Ordinance 784 and the environmental impact of single use plastic bags, free downloadable flyers, and BYO-Bag branding materials that can be used as tools and reminders for local businesses. 

Formally recognized in 1710 by the Province of Maryland, Easton is the county seat of Talbot County. Encompassing over 11 square miles including almost two dozen public parks and open spaces, the town has a growing population of over 17,000 residents. For more information please visit: eastonmd.gov.