Have you played Pickleball yet? You might be alone if you say no! Pickleball has grown in popularity across the United States, and Easton is no exception. According to research compiled by Pickleheads, there are 36.5 million players in America, making it one of the largest US Sports by participants.

There are multiple courts in Easton already. All of the local YMCA’s have them, Causeway Park in Oxford, and the Talbot County Community Center. Many of your neighbors have lined them up in their own driveways! Eight pickleballs courts were approved by Talbot County council back in August of 2022 and they are currently slated to be complete later this year. This project was funded in part by
the Local Parks and Playground Infrastructure grant issued by the State of Maryland according to the August 23, 2022 minutes from the Talbot County Council meeting.

This collaborative sport brings a new dynamic to health and wellness activities. Notes Brandon Mackie, Co-founder of Pickleheads, “Pickleball is a social activity as much as it’s a sport. It’s commonly played in an open-play format where 50 or even more players show up and rotate games and partners. You also almost always play pickleball as doubles, which leaves many opportunities to socialize and meet players.”

We are excited to see the growth of this popular sport in Easton, and grateful that our county has continued to invest in our public facilities for the benefit of our community.

Images courtesy Brandon Mackie/Pickleheads