Outdoors in Easton, MD: Disc Golf takes flight and an entrepreneur is born!

For Immediate Release : June 9, 2023

Easton, MD – We have all heard of Pickleball by now, but what about the playful world of disc golf? Relatively easy to learn and portable, disc golf is rapidly becoming a favorite pastime of many. In Easton, we are fortunate to live with multiple wide-open parks and outdoor spaces. In contrast to “ball golf” as the enthusiasts refer to the ancient game with clubs, disc golf uses smallish, plastic discs that are relatively inexpensive, easy to pack and port, and typically does not incur much cost to play a round. Inspired by the ease of accessing the sport, Matt Provencher of Easton recently opened a small business to capitalize on the growing trend. “Off Course Disc Golf” can bring the baskets, discs, targets, and other key essentials to any place you choose. Provencher is also a coach and part of a fun local group, Lost and Found/Tuckahoe Disc Golf. He also has partnered up with another local start up and entrepreneur, Jay Hudson of Blue Heron Coffee, which sells one of his favorite disc golf brands.

In Easton, we have multiple open parks where players can practice their shots, working on aim and distance.  We chose to practice in Matthewstown Run, where there is little known gem of a municipal park with a large field, perfect for the beginner. This field is also popular for the local kick ball and frisbee teams (another story on that later!) Off Course uses temporary baskets for lessons that can be moved easily and leave no damage to the turf. Fold-up targets and cones are used to help players work on their aim and eyeball the distance they need to complete the pretend hole.

We started at the beginning with a lesson on the equipment and ways to grip the discs. Players typically start with a putter, a driver, and a midrange disc. Once the disc is in hand, the first shot is flung down the fairway, which is the wide open green space familiar to traditional golfers. At the end of the fairway, there is a basket hanging about four feet off the ground. Specifically, according to the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) it would be fifty-two inches. The basket is ringed with chains that are dangling down from the top of the pole in order to “catch” the disc when it meets its target. There is a satisfying “clink” when a disc successfully lands in the basket. If you get this done in one toss, you have “aced” it!

Terms such as birdie (one under par), eagle (two under par), bogey (one over par) and more are also used, making the lingo pretty easy to learn for most sports enthusiasts. One of the favorite spins on the throw is called a Hyzer, where the angle of release of the left edge is tilted downward for most right handed players, or the reverse, an Anhyzer.

This sport is fun, easy, and accessible! Running is not required! People of all ages and abilities can easily play to their own level, and “targets” can be as simple as the next tree or bush if baskets aren’t available. Official local courses can be found a short drive from downtown Easton at Tuckahoe Park, The Hyatt in Cambridge, and Chesapeake College.

Now that you know the basics, get out and play!

Thanks to helping with this story: Matt Provencher, Off Course LLC, 410-200-0748, offcoursediscgolf@gmail.com