Nicole Nixon, Easton Alum and Tech Entrepreneur

Meet Nicole Nixon! Nicole, a native of Easton and a graduate of Easton High School, resides in the Washington DC Metro Area. She is a respected authority on telecom data and is the first black female CEO of a telecom data company, Listing Central, LLC. On a broader scale, Nicole is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and an asset to Marylanders.  Her company is enhancing the security of consumer data globally.

Today, she answered a few questions from the Easton EDC about her life in Easton and how growing up here started her journey to where she is today.

Easton EDC: Hi Nicole! We are so excited to meet you!

Nicole: Thank you for reaching out! But first of all, to the excitement of Easton voting in their first female Mayor, congratulations! Mayor Cook’s presence speaks loudly to my objective to support women leaders.

Easton EDC: Thank you! Now, for the questions!

Easton EDC: How do you think growing up in Easton influenced your success today? 

Nicole: Though my sisters and I had to leave Easton for a short while during a rough time when my parents divorced, Easton was my first example of hope. My dad became our hero as the first African American, in Maryland, to obtain sole custody of three little girls. With the support of the courts, my sisters and I had access to women mentors and advisors to support our growth and development. I was able to secure a job at the age of 14 at Easton Memorial Hospital and graduate from Easton High School’s Class of 1993.  It was during my time in high school that I learned of the ties Frederick Douglas and Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad had to Easton and its county.  After learning more about Easton’s history, and the heritage of my family in Easton and surrounding counties, I felt even more obligated to ensure my continuous support towards the growth and success of my hometown by any means necessary.  I carry an inner pride knowing I’m from an area built on resilience, strength, and accomplishment.

Easton EDC: What advice would you give our young entrepreneurs today based on your own small-town upbringing?

Nicole: I would encourage young entrepreneurs to believe in themselves no matter what; to pursue their dreams and don’t stop until they make it happen, and to always strive to be the best version of themselves.

Easton EDC: How do you give back to young business leaders (mentoring, volunteering, internships etc.) 

Nicole: I currently support a group in Easton called Foundation of Hope whose President is Keasha Haythe.  This organization empowers young girls starting in middle school and introduces them to opportunities in various career backgrounds.  I also speak, annually, to an organization called Year Up which prepares young adults, that may have dropped out of school, with professional development support and encouragement to go back to college or identify their career path.

Easton EDC: Do you live/work/commute/support Easton businesses today or intend to do so in the future?

Nicole: Yes. I currently participate in multiple activities on the Eastern Shore and plan to open a location in Easton that will expose the community to technological growth and development.

Easton EDC: What type of partnerships are you looking for in our community?

Nicole: I’m looking to partner with organizations that support the empowerment of underserved youth, entrepreneurs, and veterans.

Easton EDC: While all eyes are on AI, what impact could AI have on underrepresented populations? 

Nicole: It has good and bad implications. Data is a silent attacker against underserved and underrepresented people. It doesn’t discriminate against color or class. And AI, if not “ethical,” will begin to separate the classes without anyone even knowing. In underserved communities, it  can enhance them by providing access to vital services like healthcare and education through telemedicine and online learning. It can also aid in resource allocation, enabling better disaster response and urban planning. By automating tasks, AI creates job opportunities, fostering economic growth and empowerment. 

Easton EDC: How does your agenda benefit and protect underserved and underrepresented populations? 

Nicole:  It is the mission of Listing Central LLC (LC) to continue to empower through education and opportunity, and to enhance the security of consumer data, globally. LC will also be working with the Telecommunications industry to create a process that puts consumers back in control of their data.

Easton EDC: Would you be available for inspirational speaking engagements/public appearances? 

Nicole: Absolutely. It is important to be an active example for our youth and young leaders.

Easton EDC: What upcoming appearances do you have that we should be helping promote? 

Nicole: I am honored with your support and look to provide you with details regarding upcoming appearances and engagements, soon.

Easton EDC: So much to think about, thank you for your time today!

Nicole: Thank you!

To contact Nicole:


Alecia Jones, Publicist

IG / Twitter (@validityentpr)