August 23, Minute with Mayor Cook

I hope you all are enjoying the winding down of Summer as much as I am. As the weather cools
off, we will be seeing lots of exciting events and projects popping up into the fall. Our
Engineering and Public Works teams are hard at work completing projects across town utilizing
bond money that was acquired in 2020. There are numerous exciting projects taking place all
around town, but I’d like to bring attention to a few that I find especially interesting.

Firstly, Easton will be getting a dog park! We are currently under construction off of Brewer’s
Lane building a multi-spacial dog park (big dogs and small dogs) with additional bathroom
facilities. The park will offer approximately 11,500 sq feet of synthetic turf space for dogs to
safely run and play, with additional amenities such as watering stations, drinking fountains,
benches, trash/recycling, and parking. We estimate that this project should be wrapped up by
the end of October. We are so excited to see all the pups of Easton enjoy this space!
A new and improved skate-park is also underway, to be located in the backlot of North Easton
Park. We are thrilled to bring back a recreational space where our youths (and adults!) can
experience a safe and exciting place to skateboard, bike, and rollerblade. In addition to the
normal ramps and rails that skaters love, we will also have a full pump-track loop adjacent to the
park for all to ride and enjoy.

Last but not least, we have the undergrounding of the power/telephone lines along Port Street.
This project will see all of the telephone and power lines along Port Street placed underground
so that the supporting utility poles can be removed. This will add a significant amount of extra
space along the sides of the roads to open up space for a future rail trail, improve reliability in
inclement weather, and will greatly add to the visual character of the area!
Keep an eye out around Town, and you will see all of these exciting things (and more) coming
into shape throughout the fall. Thank you to all of the dedicated members of our staff for making
these projects a reality, and I hope to see many of you out and enjoying all of these great
amenities coming our way!

Warmest regards,