Easton’s 2023 Election – Going Forward

This month, Easton held the election for the office of Mayor and Ward 1 and Ward 3 Council members.  Council President Megan Cook won the Mayoral election while Maureen Curry (who has served on Council before) was elected in Ward 1, and David Montgomery was elected for Ward 3.  All three certainly have a challenging workload ahead of them. If Easton is going to continue to grow and move ahead, they will need support from all of us.  Due to the Council President seat being vacated, an election for Council President will soon follow. This will also be an important election that our residents should educate themselves on and be prepared to vote when the time comes.  Easton has many big issues to be dealt with over the next few years such as the budget, growth, housing, and medical needs.  Everyone deserves to have their voices and opinions known, and the best way to do this is to exercise your right to vote. It is the only way we can continue to grow and find solutions, and to keep Easton among the best small towns in our country.