Easton Airport’s ACE Program Launches Summer Activities for Kids 

Easton Airport’s ACE Program, in partnership with the Easton Composite Squadron – Civil Air Patrol (CAP), is set to launch a series of dynamic and educational summer activities aimed at middle school to early high school students (ages 12-16). These activities, scheduled throughout July, promise to offer engaging, hands-on experiences in aviation and explore related career pathways. 

The program kicks off on July 16 with an Airfield Design session. Here, students will delve into the details of airport operations. Participants will learn about the various features of an airport, their significance, and why they are essential for smooth operations. In a collaborative exercise, students will team up to design their own airport, complete with landing strips where they will practice landing Styrofoam planes using fishing line. This exercise not only fosters teamwork but also gives students a practical understanding of airport design. 

The excitement continues July 17 with a session focused on Paper Airplane and Aircraft Characteristics. Students will participate in designing and constructing paper airplanes, gaining insights into the various parts of an aircraft and how each part is suited for specific tasks. Each student will take on a role within their team, and the session will culminate in a friendly competition to see which airplane can stay airborne the longest. This activity is designed to teach important concepts in a fun and interactive way, emphasizing both the theoretical and practical aspects of aviation. 

On July 23 and 24, the program delves into the world of rocketry. Students will first explore the history and science behind rocketry, learning about the pioneers of this field and the fundamental laws of motion. They will build and decorate their own model rockets, preparing for the much-anticipated launch day. The culmination of this exciting series is the Model Rocket Launch Day, held at an offsite location to be announced. Students will launch the rockets they constructed, applying the safety and operational knowledge they have gained. An adult member will oversee the launches, ensuring a safe and educational experience for all participants. This session not only provides a thrilling end to the program but also reinforces the lessons learned about rocketry and safety. 

Throughout the morning programs, participants will receive all necessary materials, snacks, and bottled water. The activities are designed to be both educational and enjoyable, taking place indoors and outdoors, so comfortable attire and sunscreen are advised. Each activity is capped at 20 students to ensure a quality learning environment, and advance registration is required along with parental consent. 

Parents and guardians are encouraged to register their children as soon as possible to secure a spot in this summer program. For more information, including times, location, and to register, visit www.eastonairport.com