24/7 Accessible AED Added in Downtown Easton

For Immediate Release

Easton, MD – November 8, 2023

Contact: Clay B. Stamp

County Manager



The first 24-hour publicly accessible automatic external defibrillator (AED) for downtown Easton is now operational, thanks to the collaboration of Talbot CARES and Bluepoint Hospitality.

Talbot CARES (Cardiac Arrest Rescue Emergency Stations), a program spearheaded by Talbot Paramedic Foundation, Team Trace, and Talbot Emergency Services (DES), aims to provide publicly accessible defibrillators and additional emergency equipment around the county.

Located on Washington Street adjacent to Doc’s Downtown Grille, the newly placed station will ensure citizens have access to potentially life-saving equipment in case of an emergency, no matter what time it is. The station contains an AED device and other medical supplies, including a Stop the Bleed tourniquet kit and opioid overdose kits.

“We are incredibly proud of this station. It’s the first time we’ve been able to place a station that is accessible 24 hours a day, outside of a public park or recreation area,” said Rachael Cox, Special Programs Paramedic for DES. “By placing it in a prominent location downtown, we are hoping that this important resource will be utilized in emergencies by the surrounding community.” 

Talbot Paramedic Foundation sponsored the AED. Bluepoint Hospitality sponsored the construction and installation of the cabinet and will ensure the station has access to constant power. Talbot Emergency Services will keep the station stocked and perform routine check-ups on the AED device.

“One of our priorities is for visitors and residents to feel safe downtown.” said Michael Smith, Head of Security at Bluepoint Hospitality. “As part of this initiative, many Bluepoint staffers were certified in CPR, First Aid, AED, and Stop the Bleed this year. We hope other downtown businesses join in on the efforts. The more staff that is certified, the better we can serve individuals with life-saving techniques before the professionals arrive.”

A nationally recognized model for placing public access AEDs, Talbot CARES has placed over 200 automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) in businesses, recreation facilities and parks, government buildings and more in Talbot County.

To learn more about the program, contact Talbot Paramedic Foundation at talbotparamedic.org. Talbot County Emergency Services offers training sessions for local businesses and organizations, to learn more about available programming, reach out to Rachael Cox at rcox@talbotdes.org.




From left: Clay Stamp, Talbot County Manager; Allie McGuckian, Marketing and Public Relations for Bluepoint Hospitality; Wayne Dyott, President of Talbot Paramedic Foundation; Ruth Ann Jones, Vice President of Talbot Paramedic Foundation; Rachael Cox, Special Programs Paramedic at Talbot Emergency Services; Julia Foxwell, Director of Community Engagement at Bluepoint Hospitality; Tina Kintop, EMS Division Chief; Holly DeKarske, Easton Economic Development Corporation; Megan Cook, Mayor, Town of Easton. Back right: Brian LeCates, Director of Talbot Emergency Services, and Michael Smith, Head of Security at Bluepoint Hospitality.


Wayne Dyott, President of Talbot Paramedic Foundation discusses the AED system with Julia Foxwell, Director of Community Engagement at Bluepoint Hospitality. The Talbot CARE Station is located adjacent to Doc’s Downtown Grille on Washington Street.