The Zebra Gallery Welcomes New Artists

The Zebra Gallery Welcomes New Artists

The Zebra Gallery at 5 N Harrison Street in Easton has welcomed several new artists to the gallery. According to Susan Schauer John, owner of Zebra Gallery, “I am always looking for diverse media and new approaches to art. This group of artists certainly speaks to that.”

Anyone who has visited Easton, MD, and seen the Frederick Douglass outdoor mural on Washington Street, may recognize this artist – Adam Himoff of Park City, Utah. Adam has been making art since he was a child growing up in New York City. After working in finance and venture capital for several decades, he moved with his family to Park City in 2013 and turned to art full-time.

Himoff’s work is heavily influenced by New York’s rich multiculturalism and the abundance of art that surrounded him from graffiti to public works to museums. He uses what he calls “line style” which was born from his work in linocut printmaking. Himoff said, “I sort of, migrated from the linocuts to some of the paintings and then naturally continued, you know, since 2020.”

Next, mixed media artist Golsa Golchini of Milan, Italy. She states, “My artworks are creations through different visual art languages. I love to combine all that I have ever learned during my journey and to serve it on a silver plate to the observer. I truly believe that the highest purpose of Art is to be loved and my everyday mission is to make a type of Art that speaks a language that can be comprehended by everyone and that can conquer many eyes and hearts. I believe the era of ‘complicated’ artworks has come to an end and our century is in true need of simplicity and joy. “

Gabriel Lehman is a self-taught artist and master woodworker from Franklin, Indiana. Before pursuing his passion for art, Lehman worked in construction with a focus on flooring for 14 years. Lehman’s unique perspective and whimsical style quickly gained him a following. His paintings often feature dreamlike landscapes with a particular emphasis on clouds, imbuing a sense of joy and wonder into his art. With perseverance and dedication to his craft, he developed his own world and coined the term “illustrative surrealism” to describe his work.

The Zebra Gallery address is 5 N Harrison Street, Easton, MD (across the street from the Historic Tidewater Inn). For further information, visit