The Dog Believes In...
A Respectful Relationship with our Clientele
We believe that we owe you a beautiful, inviting space where everyone from first time buyers to connoisseurs can be comfortable. We owe you great service, both actively by assisting you in the shop and passively by providing clear information and guidance for those who prefer to help themselves.


If we don’t offer to carry your heavy purchases to your car, you are entitled to have Joe perform the dance of your choosing on top of our counter while you ridicule him relentlessly. His interpretation of the Watusi is particularly comical.


Providing Great Value Every Day
Sure, our store looks like it should be expensive. But given what the typical liquor store looks like we can understand why you would feel this way. But we’re fanatical about making sure that we offer great stuff at affordable prices. We have over 200 wines for under $15 per bottle, and dozens under $10 per bottle. We taste over 1,500 wines annually in our tireless effort to uncover the best wine values from around the world. We put our tastebuds at risk so you don’t have to!


While we can’t promise that we will always be the lowest priced provider on every item every day, we work very hard to be sure that we are competitive. Hair O’ The Dog will always offer the best overall value in its market.


Basically, what we’re trying to say is, we’re not your ole man’s liquor store.


Instead of stocking just the leading brands (like most stores), we carry dozens of vodkas, rums, tequilas, single Malts, etc. We carry a broad selection because you should have the option of buying great products that aren’t necessarily advertised on TV. We rotate our wine selection so that we can continue to bring you new wines that we love.


Can’t find something you like? Just ask. We can order over 25,000 different spirits, wines and beers that you can usually pick up here at the store within a week of your order.


Supporting Our Community
Hair O’ The Dog is heavily invested in the local community. Yes, we donate thousands of dollars a year to local charities but even more importantly, at least to us, we actively work with local charities. Joe is a proud member of Talbot Humane. We work with local police to ensure that minors who attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages are prosecuted. We refuse to sell to customers who are under the influence of intoxicants. We encourage customers who feel as if they may not be able to control their drinking to contact Alcoholics Anonymous, their physician or counselor for help.

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