Welcome to the LAB Martial Arts & Fitness Center! The LAB is different from the ordinary concept of a traditional Martial Arts facility. The LAB takes each person’s physical, mental, and personal goals and designs a plan to bring out the very best in them individually. Each person is unique due to age, gender, fitness level, health concerns and personal objectives. Using this information, The LAB formulates the best course to advance and improve all of these areas.


About The LAB

The LAB Martial Arts & Fitness Center is a progressive, forward thinking multi-purpose learning facility focusing on the family unit as a whole. Its goal is to provide a safe, healthy and challenging environment for all ages.


In addition to focusing on the martial arts including Karate and Jiu Jitsu, the LAB provides transportation for before and after school care from area schools, day camps for off school times and monthly Parents Night Out. From programs like Mommy & Me designed for new mothers and their babies to exercise and grow together to Senior Stretching for the young at heart to keep moving and everything in between, the LAB is there for every step of the journey we call life.


Fitness is a state of mind and the LAB strives to be on the cutting edge of the latest health trends and updates programs to adjust to new technologies and data from the medical community.


Providing a place for our children and youth to be part of a group where teamwork and unity are the rule, the LAB offers activities, learning and discipline that sets each student up for success in school and the future.

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