Enterprising Entrepreneurs Help Easton Get Fit!

Easton, MD, is a lively little town and many of its residents appreciate a busy lifestyle, taking advantage of our fantastic outdoor spaces, proximity to the water, and easy access to many major cities. Taking advantage of the lifestyle offered here, many people also enjoy keeping active with sports and fitness activities. Three new businesses have opened recently to help support our residents with their fitness goals, each offering different services and supports. 

Shore Fitness, owned and operated by Kristen Lockerman and Rob Edler, recently opened a training facility on Needwood Ave. One-on-one personal training with a focus on personal fitness goals, either self-created or prescribed as part of a health and wellness plan or post-operative rehabilitation program, are their specialty. This husband and wife team has over fifteen years of combined experience in Easton, and wanted to create their own gym that had a dedicated focus to their clients. There are no group classes or open gym hours, clients make an appointment with Rob or Kristen and are guided through each fitness session. 

The gym is equipped with brand new equipment from Panatta, an Italian maker founded by legendary bodybuilder Rudy Panatta, was ordered specifically for their concept. This vertically integrated company controls all production and according to their website provides an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly experience. 

One client who has followed Lockerman to her new gym notes that her attention to detail and focus on his personal goals have kept him successfully on track after several major operations. Edler and Lockerman pride themselves on being knowledgeable, friendly, and flexible, meeting their clients where they are on their personal fitness journey. To set up a consultation, call Lockerman at 410-924-5244 or find them on facebook @KristenLockermanFitness. 

Josh Plugge opened Beau Monde elite fitness to offer a 24 hour, private, exclusive gym in the former Victory Garden Cafe location on Aurora Street. Completely renovated and modernized, the space features private restrooms and a sauna. Plugge, who also owns Optimal Fitness and Premier Athletics, wants to make sure everyone has the opportunity to find a pathway to fitness on their own level of comfort. Plugge purchased Arsenal equipment, which specializes in supporting the user to micro-tune their lift positions and weight preferences, creating subtle functionality that is perfect for the serious fitness enthusiast. 

Beau Monde Elite is the latest in his businesses all focusing on fitness, and it was created for a specific, serious clientele who appreciates a quiet, uncrowded gym; individualized attention, and access to members-only programs. Personal training sessions, billing, and workshop registrations are all handled through a phone app, making it easy and convenient for members. Routines developed by trainers are loaded onto the app, making them available for access night or day. Feedback on the sessions can also be recorded through this app, allowing for easy communication between the trainer and client. 

A sports enthusiast, Plugge also runs Premier Athletics, which facilitates an assortment of popular team sports leagues such as softball, kickball, frisbee, cornhole, and kickball. He plans on adding golf and other sports as this organization grows in response to community participation and input. To reach Plugge, email jplugge@beaumondeelite.com or visit their website, beaumondeelite.com. Premier Athletics is also on Facebook, and updates regularly on their league activities in the area. 

Lastly, Donna Achambault has brought a local favorite business to a second location in Talbot County. Achmbault has operated St. Michaels Running Company (SMRC) in St. Michaels for several years, but wanted to provide a more convenient location for her clients during the busy season. She opened SMRC’s sister store, Easton Active, a few weeks ago. 

She remarked, “Many of my clients are from Annapolis and other shore areas, so bringing a second location to Easton shaves off an hour or more of their travel time in the busy season. We also have a desire to integrate our mission and work with other organizations working towards creating a more healthy environment for all of our residents, and Easton is more conveniently located for all of our community partners.”

While the new location offers the expected selection of running shoes, performance clothing, and running accessories, its new space also offers Achambault to expand into other sports. Easton Active has a large selection of pickleball clothing, paddles, and more. The store also plans on offering name-brand yoga clothing in the coming seasons.  Easton Active personnel can also perform a gait test, making sure the shoes you choose are the right fit for you. To reach Easton Active, check out their website at stmichaelsrunningco.com or come by their retail location next to Rita’s in downtown Easton on Talbot Street. 

These Easton businesses are proof that opportunity is alive and well in the community. Growing in response to community needs, these entrepreneurs are making a difference in the lives of our residents, and creating successful economic pathways for the future.