August Greetings from Mayor Cook

I can’t believe we’re flipping the calendar to August already!  This summer is flying by. 

Last month, we had much to celebrate.  We had fun highlighting Parks and Recreation Month, were honored with a special visit by the Governor, Lt Governor and many of the Secretaries, and we finished with the momentous occasion of our local airport’s 80th anniversary.

At the end of August, we were excited to host hundreds of visitors to Easton for Plein Air 2023. Over $500,000 in works of art were sold in just over one week – all featuring the gorgeous scenery and surroundings of our wonderful region. Outdoor theater, music, and art lovers were plentiful during this exciting week. We are appreciative of the tremendous response of our visitors and the incredible talent of our artists community!

July has been designated as Parks and Recreation Month, a time when we come together to cherish and appreciate the importance of our green spaces and recreational facilities.  Thank you to our Parks and Rec team who work hard to keep our parks beautiful. Our community is lucky to have so many parks in our community each offering respite from the dairy grind. 

We were incredibly honored to have our esteemed Governor Moore, Lt. Governor Miller, and cabinet members visit this month. Throughout each visit we’ve been able to highlight the many things we’re proud of in Easton.  It’s wonderful to have government officials take the time to engage in conversations with us and genuinely listen to our ideas and concerns.  We look forward to welcoming them back to Easton soon. 

Congratulations to Easton Airport in celebrating their 80th Anniversary.  They’ve grown to become a bustling hub, the second busiest airport in Maryland, and they play a large role in connecting our community and citizens with the world and fostering economic growth.  Thank you to everyone who has played a role in the airport’s success. 

Thank you for your dedication, commitment, hard work and contributions that make Easton thrive! I appreciate each one of you and look forward to seeing you soon. 

Warmest regard-