Aging at Home Solution Innovates Care with Alzheimer’s Assistance Dogs


May 30, 2023 

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       Local Aging at Home Solution owner training Alzheimer’s Assistance Dogs 

Amy Keller, Owner and President of Aging at Home Solution, an innovative home care company that focuses on holistic wellness for their clients who need long term care, marks the start of training two King Charles Cavalier puppies as Alzheimer’s Assistance Dogs. Memory loss from Alzheimer’s can result in significant safety and anxiety difficulties that service dogs help alleviate. 

According to this article, “Alzheimer’s Assistance Dog” on the 4 Paws for Ability website, a nonprofit organization that enriches the lives of people with disabilities by placing life changing service dogs, “They create an anchor to reality by maintaining a meaningful daily routine, which thus adds to the quality of life.” The tasks a service dog provides can be utilized as a tool by caregivers to assist in their client’s safety and wellbeing. There are three main tasks for these dogs: tracking, balance, and behavior redirection. The Alzheimer’s Assistance dog also provides clients with companionship and friendship.   

Keller, who grew up breeding dogs in Annapolis, MD, knew that appropriately trained dogs can be calming. She reflected, “I was inspired by a previous client who was non-verbal with frontotemporal dementia. She was constantly anxious but bringing our family dog over completely changed her demeanor.” After researching the potential positive impact of the project as a full-time part of her care plans, she searched across the globe to find dogs with the right temperament. Teddy was first purchased from a breeder in Kentucky. After another exhaustive search, Mila was brought home from the Republic of Serbia last week. After six months of professional training, clients and their families will be able to request the dog’s services as part of their routine care.  

About Aging at Home Solution: Aging at Home Solution is a boutique home health care company that aims to give the best quality of care to its clients. It is an agency that is uniquely qualified to care for people with dementia and memory loss. Their care partners are provided with training that gives them the necessary tools to care for clients with memory issues. While Aging at Home Solution puts an emphasis on dementia, they take on clients with many different diagnoses and care needs.