Whole Note Coffee introduces single-origin cold brew concentrate

ATTENTION fellow coffee lovers and cold brew enthusiasts!

We are releasing a bottled single-origin cold brew concentrate rotation! First up on the list is @openseascoffee Lao Paksong, Jhai Co-op. This coffee is fantastic as cold brew. It has all the qualities of what people deem as a great brew with subtle tasting notes of Hazelnut, chocolate, raisin, and baking spice! Each bottle is 32oz of pure goodness priced at $20 each. We recommend diluting each serving with water. 4oz concentrate and 4oz water then ice it!

Fill out an order form on our website now! First pickup is THIS Saturday. Only 10 bottles available per pickup day. If you don’t make the cut we will have another day next week as well! https://www.facebook.com/wholenotecoffee/