Hummingbird Inn·  It’s BAAAAACK! The 2020 APG Chesapeake Reader Approved Awards are back again. Hummingbird Inn was the proud winner of the first year of this award in 2018. In 2019, Hummingbird Inn missed 1st place by only a few votes, but proud of being named 2nd place with more entrants in the Bed & Breakfast category.

So we’re hoping to make it a 2nd win for the Inn in 2020. It’s been a super tough year for everyone and regardless of the outcome of this contest. the support and number of people who are getting out and booking here already is amazing and so very appreciated.

We would love your support in getting Hummingbird Inn back into this year’s contest. There are 2 steps to the contest:

Step 1: NOMINATION We need enough votes in this round to be one of the few nominees in the Bed & Breakfast Category. Your vote in this round can help get Hummingbird Inn on the list.

Step 2: VOTING: If we make it into the contest from the nomination votes, we will then be listed in the running and then we will need votes to WIN!

You can vote daily in both steps AND if you want to submit Hummingbird Inn into any other categories – like Best Breakfast, or Best Wedding Venue, you can nominate us for those as well!

Thank you all in advance for your support in the past and certainly this year with the significant impact the pandemic has had on Hummingbird Inn as well as everyone else.

Below is the link to the Nomination Vote. Just click on “Bed & Breakfast” and type “Hummingbird Inn” in the NAME field.

Let’s DO THIS!!!