Skip the Cart

Join the Easton Business Alliance and take the pledge to “Skip the Cart” and help our local merchants. Spending just $10 per week at our small businesses instead of online can make a huge difference by redirecting that money back into the Mid-Shore economy.

Review Your Purchases

Each week, take a look at what you regularly buy online and see what you can easily shop for locally. Just $10 per week goes a long way toward helping our businesses.

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Enter your information below to take the pledge to support our local businesses by redirecting a portion of your weekly expenses toward small merchants. Each quarter we'll pick one person to receive a $50 gift card to their favorite Easton business!

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Help your neighborhood by supporting your local businesses and passing on the pledge to your friends and neighbors. Just send your social network to to sign up.

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Behind the Pledge

Our “Have a Heart, Skip the Cart” campaign is a way to rethink the way we shop by showing how easy it can be to support local merchants while still getting the everyday items that we need.

While Amazon and other ecommerce companies provide easy access to a large array of products, they do so at the expense of our local economy. Reinvest in Mid-Shore jobs and businesses by spending just $10 locally instead of online each week.