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Our new location is conveniently located inside inside of Evergreen Healing Center.


Is pain preventing you from the active full life you want to live? What if you could have relief from your musculoskeletal issues of pain, mobility loss, and loss of function. What if you could get treated by a Physical Therapist for 1 hour with hands-on care?


Welcome to Serendip PT, Myofascial Release therapy.


Myofascial Release addresses the connective tissue known as fascia. Fascia can bind down and become tight from poor posture, surgery, stress and trauma. When tight, it can pull with up to 2000 pounds per square inch crushing pain sensitive structures. Myofascial release puts sustained pressure into the body to stretch the tight connective tissues and release the tension.


Our treatments include a full evaluation of posture, mobility and tension. We offer hands on treatments. We also provide exercises and self help tools.


You deserve to live to your fullest potential. You deserve Myofascial Release.

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