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May 19
Whole Note Coffee’s New Drink Alert

Introducing the Bee Sting. Espresso, Honey, just a few ounces of Half & half, and…

May 18
Piazza Italian Market opens up to more customers

New rules allow 6 customers to shop in the store at a time! Please wear a mask and use…

May 18
Crackerjacks has lots of outside toys for summer enjoyment!

We’re open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm. Time to get outside, and we’ve got lots of…

May 18
An Optical Galleria Can’t Wait to See You

Learn more on their Facebook page:

May 18
Dwelling & Design invites you to come see them

As of Saturday, May 16, our retail store doors have reopened for business! We invite…

May 17
AAM’s Kids Activity for the Week

Here is the kids activity for the week in our Art at Home email: Nature Portraits!…

May 17
Trippe Gallery Update

The gallery will not be reopening to the public for a few weeks. Time is needed to…

May 15
La De Da is back!

La De Da will reopen this Saturday, May 16th from 10am to 4pm. We hope you will join…

May 15
Marc Randall Reopening Saturday, May 16

Hope all of you wonderful, supportive women are all doing well, staying healthy yet…