Lizzy Dee to host Chef Jordan Lloyd during Easton Night Out May 6th

Easton Night Out at
Lizzy Dee, May 6th
Join Lizzy Dee, Friday May 6th for EASTON NIGHT OUT!

Lizzy Dee will be hosting Chef Jordan Lloyd for a tasting of ENROOT sparkling iced tea.
ENROOT was created by people passionate about food and nature. It’s a beautiful story and Jordan tells it better than we could, so don’t miss his visit!

“During EASTON NIGHT OUT, we will be introducing a new line of clothing, also created by a person filled with passion. Inspired by artisan textiles, color and the seaside, SIGRID OLSEN has been in the world of boutique fashion for decades. BEACH TO BISTRO is the first fashion label Sigrid has launched completely on her own and we are proud to debut it in Easton, for its first season in the marketplace. We are excited to see you for the first EASTON NIGHT OUT, stay tuned for monthly events-the first Friday of every month.”