Eat Sprout’s “Feeding the Community” Update

Thank-You for taking the time to read this. Thank-you for your continued support. Our goal is not just to raise money, but to connect people, strengthen relationships between local farmers, friends, community members and those not so close to us. We are all in the together, we will stick together, we will grow together. And with this new growth, we are excited to announce a few milestones…

Sprout is humbled to announce that we have received $18,000 from 65+ great community members to help feed our friends and neighbors. Sprout has added an additional 25% to these donations for a total of $22,500!!!

The program “Family Meal Talbot” was started by Chef Jordan Loyd to donate meals once a week to hospitality workers of Talbot County currently unemployed as a result of COVID-19. Sprout’s Chef Wes has partnered with Loyd to feed 120 people this coming Monday! To learn more, you can visit their website or facebook page.

Additionally, Sprout’s new program, “Farm to Friends” has already raised $2,000! This will be used to purchase produce this week from 5 great local farmers; Abundant Grace Farms, Nice Farms Creamery, Blades Orchard, Chapel Creamery and Baywater Farms. ALL produce will be donated to Chesapeake Multi Cultural Resource Center and delivered to more than 50 families in need next week.

These together make up a total of $25,000 raised overall and we don’t plan on stopping there! What does this mean you ask? This amount is equivalent to 1,400 Sprout meals, 400 snacks & 600 loaves of fresh bread. We have not donated ALL of this yet, but are continuing the process and with your help we are FEEDING THE SHORE!

Moving forward, fresh bread will also be contributed to each meals-on-wheels pickup.

Our goal is to continue sending food in all different directions, feeding those on the front line in our hospital and surrounding medical centers, For All Seasons, the YMCA staff volunteering their time, Talbot Interfaith Shelter, Hospice staff and residents, families in need, Talbot County Hunger Coalition, Talbot Family Meals, & several food pantries!

There is so many more that we need to feed. KEEP THOSE DONATIONS COMING! Donate HERE