November 14 & 15, 2020

Downtown Easton, MD

A Celebration of Place for People who live here

Easton-based nonprofits will come together, along with local restaurants and businesses, to create ways to enjoy the fall in Easton!

This new event for Talbot County intends to give local residents a way to be outside, support local businesses and enjoy each other’s company during the fall season.

Partners in this weekend offering things to do or see that showcases their community commitment and their individual missions. Some programs will be offered on both days, and some just on Saturday, with programs ranging from family art activities, learning about feeding birds and bird watching, educational lectures, a drive through art gallery, conservation activities, music and many more.

While some activities will be indoors, many will be outside scattered across various locations in Easton to help people remain socially distant and safe. Most activities are free and some require pre-registration.

Every participating organization is following agreed-upon COVID-related safety protocols, including wearing a mask in indoor spaces, limiting family groups to six people and ensuring groups or individuals are safely six feet apart.

Click the links below for more info. Bookmark this page as more details will be coming.

Activities During Easton's Community Day Celebration

Community Day Event Locations

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