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Community Day Media Kit

Below you will find images, information, and more to help you market your organization’s involvement in Community Day.

Please like, share, and add the event to your Facebook business page to maximize exposure. Join the discussion on the Facebook event page to promote what you have going on during the celebration. Don’t forget your hashtags! #EastonCommunityDay

Social Media Posting Tips

Leading up to and during Community Day, create buzz online about the event. Include specific details about the special programing, promotions and things your organization is working on. Businesses can also join in by creating promotions during the weekend. Here are some tips and tricks to spread the word and get the community involved:

1) Posts with pictures tend to do better than post without.

2) Tag relevant partners and organizations to reach a larger audience.

3) Use hashtags to reach a larger audience and to organize all Community Day posts. #EastonCommunityDay

4) Update your cover pictures and/or social media logos to include Community Day images/logos. (see below)

5) Do live videos to show what you have coming up, show preparations for festivities, and to share what is happening during the event.

6) Follow, like, comment, and share other business and organization’s posts related to Community Day.

7) Add the Community Day Facebook event to your businesses Facebook page.

8) Don’t forget to follow up after the event and continue posting pictures and stories from the weekend.

9) Don’t forget to contact us about special promotions happening during the weekend so we can post them on websites and social media. 

Social Media Community Day Post Ideas

Use the ideas below as a template and starting point to share info about Community Day. Pair them with fun pictures and tweak these examples to fit your audience.

Social Media Posts:

#EastonCommunityDay is a celebration of Easton arts & culture. Join the festivities November 14 & 15.

Support the local businesses you love during Community Day! #EastonCommunityDay #ShopSmall

#EastonCommunityDay is Nov. 14 & 15! Go to www.eastoncommunityday.com and learn more. 

We are so excited to participate in #EastonCommunityDay! (include your event details with links)

(week of) #EastonCommunityDay is this weekend! Come join our celebration of Easton art & culture.

Community Day Logo

Click the images or buttons below and save them to your computer. Please use them in your own marketing campaigns.

Community Day Images

Stock photos or event specific photos being used to promote Community Day.