Chesapeake Music announces residency at Prager Family Auditorium

Chesapeake Music is delighted to announce a long-term residency at the Prager Family Auditorium in historic downtown Easton. This agreement guarantees a year-round, state-of-the-art concert facility and administrative offices for Chesapeake Music, enabling the organization to expand its offerings and audience for its internationally acclaimed lineup of artists.

“Having a permanent residence will bring well-deserved recognition to Chesapeake Music,” President Barry Koh said. “We are extremely grateful to Paul and Joanne Prager for making this happen for us.”

The Auditorium has played a role in Chesapeake Music’s history for nearly 35 years, and it is fitting to be the organization’s first physical home. The residency also demonstrates Chesapeake Music’s commitment to Talbot County and historic Easton, an area whose art scene has grown both because of and alongside Chesapeake Music to become one of the premier arts destinations in the Mid-Atlantic.

Settling down at the Prager Family Auditorium has many advantages, one of which is the ability to reach new audiences both inside and outside of the Auditorium’s elegant confines. Chesapeake Music’s acclaimed artists will have access to not only state-of-the-art acoustics and amenities, but will also benefit from a modern videography and streaming setup, infrastructure that was added during the COVID-19 pandemic. This enhanced technology will not only showcase sound the way it was meant to be heard, but will also allow Chesapeake Music to broadcast its concerts to audiences around the globe. This is especially beneficial as Chesapeake Music books more concerts by and for younger generations, introducing them to chamber and jazz musicians at a much larger scale than was possible before.

“Our move to the Prager Family Auditorium is like going back to our roots,” Chesapeake Music Executive Director Don Buxton said. “Our earliest concerts were performed at the facility and after so many years of being a nomadic organization, it will be nice to settle into a place we can call home.”

The residency also brings with it an addition to the Chesapeake Music family: a 9-foot Steinway & Sons concert grand piano. Considered the pinnacle of concert grands, the Steinway was made possible by a generous group of donors. A welcome inclusion to the Prager stage, the Steinway will forever enhance the quality of concerts in which it is played.

Chesapeake Music is scheduled to move its offices into the Prager Family Auditorium in early 2021, with concerts beginning as early as June.
Chesapeake Music brings renowned musicians to delight, engage and surprise today’s audiences, and educate, inspire and develop tomorrow’s. For more information about this new residency, please visit