Nonprofit Leadership Program

4 Sessions: (Thursdays) May 21, May 28, June 4, June 11, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., online via Zoom

As part of its response to COVID-19, the Mid-Shore Community Foundation invites nonprofit leaders to participate in a 4-session program to boost leadership, fundraising, programming and planning skills in the era of the “new normal”. Led by award-winning nonprofit leader Rob Levit, Licensed Consultant with the Standards for Excellence® Institute, the program will be conducted in an engaging, inclusive and interactive style.

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The sessions will be delivered via Zoom (link and password will be sent prior to each session) and participants are expected to attend all four sessions.  There is no cost to attend. Sessions are limited to 25 participants (no more than 2 per organization). Advance registration is required.

Session #1: Leadership Under Pressure: Vision, Agility, Connection and Message

Leadership skills are more essential than ever as many nonprofits struggle to maintain operations, communicate with stakeholders and reinvent programs. Learn, discuss and practice essential leadership skills that not only strengthen nonprofits but also deepen resilience for leaders and their teams.

Session #2: Program Excellence: Adapting and Creating Mission Impact

Now is the time for a revision, reinvent and refresh programs. Most nonprofit program models have been severely disrupted but organizations that use the COVID-19 Crisis to reexamine programs have the opportunity to create positive impact in unforeseen and serendipitous ways. Learn, discuss and share best practices for programming in the new era and hear success stories of diverse nonprofits making mission impact right now.

Session #3: Rethinking Marketing and Fundraising for a New Era: Tools and Best Practices

Traditional fundraising events and techniques may be less viable than they once were but that doesn’t mean that nonprofit organizations can’t reach out to donors, funders and their community for financial and other forms of support. Learn, share and discuss different forms of marketing and fundraising and how they can be adapted and transformed during and after the crisis. Learn the value of relationship-building, partnerships and an innovation mindset to keep the “engine of impact” running strong.

Session #4: The Next Normal: Creating a Resilient and Anti-Fragile Nonprofit

What will it take to not only survive but thrive in our new era? While it is critical to focus on current operations and programs, nonprofit organizations must also be preparing and thinking about the “next normal” and be prepared for further disruptions in funding, supply chains, internal operations and regulations. Using research from McKinsey and Company as well as many of the greatest organizational strategists in the world, participants will learn, discuss and share ideas, structures and plans for fearlessly moving forward into the future.