Maryland Retailers Association Webinar Opportunities April 21 & 22

COVID-19 Update: Consumer Behavior and Industry Implications
The rise of COVID-19 in March 2020 saw consumers stockpiling their pantries in unprecedented and unpredicted ways. As we move into April 2020, consumers are again shifting their behaviors both online and offline in unexpected ways. In this webinar, Nielsen will provide insights on how new social and travel restrictions coupled with changing attitudes have affected how, where and what shoppers bought on a weekly basis, and how these changes could affect the industry in the short and long term.
Nielsen and FMI will share insight into:

  • Understanding how shopper behavior and purchases changed in the past 2 months – both online and offline – in response to COVID-19.
  • Evaluating the short term (2-6 month) impacts that we can expect in the industry as a result of this change. 
  • Considering the potential long term implications or outcomes on the industry.

Date: Tuesday, April 21Time: 1:00pm
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Economic Update with Anirban Basu
COVID-19 has rocked what had appeared to be a nearly invincible economy; one associated with substantial job growth, multi-decade lows in unemployment, sturdy compensation increases, robust retail sales, low inflation, and strong financial market performance. Underneath that strong performance, however, was a set of fragilities that have been exposed by the pandemic. This webinar speaks to our current economic circumstances, how difficult things are likely to become over the foreseeable future.
Basu is Chairman & CEO of Sage Policy Group, Inc., an economic and policy consulting firm in Baltimore. 
Date: Wednesday, April 22Time: 11:00am
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