Whole Note Coffee Highlights Single Origin Coffee

Whole Note Coffee· The main single origin coffee we are highlighting during this time is this beauty. It blew us away! Here’s @openseascoffee description of the coffee:

“The second we tried this one it stopped us in our tracks. The Tupac Amaru farming community is located in the southern part of the country, close to the Bolivian border. This small community consists of smallholder farmers with an average farm of only 2.5 hectares fo land dedicated to coffee and this hands on dedication shines through brilliantly. The producers are intimately involved with the processing of this coffee including all using hand crank depulpers and shared fermentation and washing tanks. All we can say, is they are putting their attentions in the right place as this coffee presents beautiful notes of papaya, apple, green grape, caramel, and spice in a cup that are certain to please!”