June: Trees~The Strength of the Landscape
“If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.”
~ Hal Borland

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Announcing expanded gallery service—Art Curation for your Home

With all the time we have had enjoying our homes recently, perhaps painting or redesigning living space, new art work might be desired to fill those refreshed spaces, or simply add a new look. You have an outdoor space that needs that one thing to center it—-a piece of sculpture! We visit your home, we schedule a private visit at the gallery, or we communicate via emailed images/video tour. We bring works of art in all sizes and mediums to your home, see what fits and what you love. Then we professionally hang it for you. We will also rehang any existing artwork. Paintings and sculpture may be commissioned to fit your preferences. With over 40 artists represented, we know you will find much to love!
(All health guidelines strictly adhered to)

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