The reviews are in for Studio B Art Gallery’s Master Jove Wang workshop

Earlier this month, Studio B Art Gallery hosted a well attended and, by all accounts, wildly successful Plein Air Workshop with Master Jove Wang in Tilghman Island. Studio B Art Gallery was also pleased to invite Master Wang to their downtown Easton gallery for intimate conversations and one-on-one with workshop participants and gallery patrons.

Master Jove Wang is a highly sought after world-renowned artist, award-winning plein air painter, professor, and author. His career spans more than three decades. During his impressive career, he has received exceptional recognition and won numerous awards. Master Wang’s demonstration at the 15th Plein Air Easton Competition in 2019 was a highlight of the festivities.

Workshop participants came from all over and had a wonderful, socially-distant learning experience. The reviews from some of the participants were glowing:

“Master Jove Wang of Alhambra, CA, conducted the 2020 Tilghman Island Plein Air Workshop, October 9-15, on Chesapeake Bay near Easton, MD, plein aire capital of the eastern seaboard. Lectures, demonstrations, and constructively critiqued painting activity elucidated Jove’s melding of classical painting with Russian Impressionism reminiscent of Nicholai Fechin, stimulating an exciting week of practical learning for attendees. Jove’s passionate expression of his artistic vision for each of his workpieces was most enlightening and encouraging. Short, daily lectures focused heavily on the important aspects of good design and composition toward the creation of successful artwork. Implementation of these fundamentals was effectively achieved through the alla prima application of multiple passages of transparent and opaque harmonious color in Jove’s line-point-mass manner so characteristic of his masterpieces. One of the highlights of the week was the opening of a month-long exhibition of Jove’s paintings at Studio B Art Gallery in Easton.”
-Paul Deroo from Westfield, NJ

“Thanks so much Betty for a lovely message and a wonderful workshop. It was one of the best I’ve ever attended from a standpoint of what I learned and how much I feel I improved. I also feel more confidence in what I”m doing. Thank you to Jove for his generous teaching and critiques. It was much appreciated! And also, thank you to Eddy for his lovely souvenirs from the Studio B Workshop! 😘👏”
-Georgette Toews, Kent Island, MD

“I think this workshop with Jove Wang was wonderful on many levels. His breakdown of lectures to teach a new skill every day coupled with a full painting demo and then allowing us to paint a different piece each day was perfectly paced for maximum learning, practice, and retention of his concepts. The group was varied and good humored, and our infinitely patient leader Betty kept us on schedule, rested and fed. The show at the Gallery was spectacular! Jove’s workshop fulfilled all my expectations. I learned a lot and set a new standard for myself of what to strive for in quality painting. It was an incredible privilege to have Master Jove speak to us from his heart. He has left an indelible impression on me. I had my first sale of a painting during the course of the workshop.”
-Biruta Hansen, Liverpool, PA

“Just a few additional words of appreciation to you and Eddy for all your efforts toward the success of the 2020 Tilghman Island Plein Air Workshop with Jove Wang. Your warm welcome made us all feel at home away from home during these troubling times. The event offered the first major opportunity to escape the last eight months of isolation to share a week with kindred spirits. Despite the difficulties posed by the Covid pandemic, you most splendidly coordinated wonderful facilities, venues, and activities for Jove and all the attendees. In addition to the workshop, you also maintained your normal activities and simultaneously mounted an extraordinary exhibition featuring the works of Jove at your wonderful gallery in beautiful Easton. The time and effort that Eddy expended toward three handmade gifts for everyone were so very much appreciated by all.