Test Kitchen Tuesday at Hummingbird Inn

Hummingbird Inn: (Test Kitchen Tuesday) IS BACK!

Yes, I know – it’s Wednesday but the testing was done on Tuesday – just a little behind in posting. ANYWAY…

It has been a while since I posted a new recipe and I actually did try out a few new recipes during the “Shut-Down”, but nothing really worthy of the Hummingbird Inn menu so I’ve been still searching.

Well, I’m happy to announce today that I have a new addition to the Hummingbird Inn International Menu: Chinese Bacon & Egg Fried Rice!

This came out really well and is really full of great flavors. It consists of rice (yep – I know – what a surprise lol), lightly beaten eggs, fresh diced carrots, crispy bacon, fresh sugar snap peas, onion, a touch of garlic a little soy, and oyster sauce. I then flash sauteed to get a nice sear on the rice.

I really enjoyed the flavors and it was surprisingly a light meal which I think will work well for breakfast. I also loved how the bacon flavor comes through and it really does make it seem more like “breakfast” vs. leftover cold Chinese food from the night before (I know many of you are smiling and nodding cuz you know what I’m talkin’ about…)

This dish is ready to make its first appearance on the Hummingbird Inn Breakfast Menu. Once I find the right time, I’ll be sure to post some guest feedback. Or maybe the guests will as well?!

Oh – and yes, I actually did eat mine with chopsticks which I will offer to guests, but forks, spoons, and bowl-licking will still be allowed.