Talbot County Women’s Club Sponsors Tea Party for Girls & Their Dolls

The Talbot County Women’s Club is sponsoring an afternoon Tea Party for girls and their dolls on Saturday, May 14, 2022, at 1:00 p.m. at the Club’s historic location at 18 Talbot Lane in Easton. Participants should be accompanied by their mom or other relatives or friends.

“Is there nothing more enchanting than a dressed-up child with her favorite doll sharing a tea party? It isn’t just a special time for girls and their dolls to enjoy the traditions of high tea, but it is an opportunity to learn about each girl’s doll including the everyday lives of the young girls that once lived in the club’s historic house during the late 1790s,” comments Erin Shimko, Committee Chair of the event.

Tables will be set with fragrant flowers and elegant china. Participants will experience a traditional tea menu, including such items as cucumber sandwiches, scones, fruit, and delicate sweets. An assortment of teas will be served along with punch.

Children are invited to bring a doll and will have the opportunity to share with the group why their doll is special. Guest will learn about the cultural differences between the two girls that once lived in the historic clubhouse in the 1790s and the dolls they may have had.

“The ladies of the club have been having so much fun preparing for this event,” adds Shimko. “Profits raised from the event will be donated to a charity that supports the desperate needs of the women and children of the Ukraine crisis. Not only will the club’s traditional tea party help those in need, but girls can enjoy a special time over afternoon tea.”

Tickets are $22 each and the minimum age is four years of age. Tickets are limited and available online at tablotcountywomensclub.org or call Nancy Lutes at 410-310-8919.

Profits raised from this event will benefit the women and children of the Ukraine crisis, along with the many projects of the Talbot County Women’s Club. The Talbot County Women’s Club is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and has served the community thru charitable initiatives since 1930.

Cover Photo: Audrey Shimko shares pretend beverage with her favorite doll.