Sprout launches “Farm to Friends” to support local farmers during COVID-19 pandemic

Farming is the backbone of our nation as well as our local community. The supply chain from farmers to consumers has been interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Sprout chef, Wes Sampson, was inspired by friends in the food industry that have been negatively impacted by the current circumstances. He has developed the program “Farm to Friends” to give community members the opportunity to support local farmers that take pride in sustainable practices and are making responsible use of natural resources.

Sprout’s “Farm to Friends” incentive will strengthen the relationship of people and their food by connecting locally farmed goods to friends and families impacted by the pandemic. Through the purchase of a “Farm to Friends” sticker, you can help give back to those in need during this time. Proceeds go directly towards purchasing goods from local farmers, which are then donated to those without access to local, fresh, healthy food. With the help of the community, we can make a difference!

How does it work? Just purchase a sticker for $5. 100% of the sales will be used to support local farmers by purchasing their goods which will then be hand-delivered to families in need.

Many markets and restaurants are closed, making it difficult for local farmers to sell their goods to their normal vendors. Support them with a sticker!

If you keep an eye out, you’ll see these stickers not only at Eat Sprout cafes, but all over the county. Farmers markets, Farm stands, local businesses, you name it! If you would like to help sell the stickers and spread the good word, please contact Chef Wes directly. Eat Sprout is more than happy to ship you one too.

To learn more or purchase your sticker, stop by Sprout or contact Chef Wes directly at Wes@eatsprout.com | 302-293-1742