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Apr 03
Discover Easton Director’s Report

A Time for Togetherness- To say these are trying times is quite obviously an understatement. We’ve never been through something like this before, not as a community, state, nation, nor world. But beneath the frustration and bewilderment, I’ve seen hope and perseverance from our business community, and it makes me optimistic that our Easton businesses […]

Mar 09
Discover Easton Director’s Report

March 2020- Before jumping into the great spring events and activities we have planned, I want to start with a big THANK YOU to all of our businesses, partners, volunteers, and attendees that made our first-ever Chesapeake Fire & Ice Festival a smashing success. The weekend brought thousands of families to downtown Easton to enjoy […]

Feb 11
Discover Easton Director’s Report

February 2020- During the summer of 2018 we sat in our office and tasked ourselves with developing an event that would bring locals and visitors together downtown during the winter season while also supporting our small businesses. 18 months later, that event is coming to fruition this weekend with the inaugural Chesapeake Fire & Ice […]

Jan 08
Discover Easton Director’s Report

January 2020- With Governor Hogan’s announcement declaring 2020 the Year of the Woman, Discover Easton is proud to partner with the Talbot Spy to highlight a select group of female leaders that have had a positive impact on Easton over the years.  Hogan’s announcement comes during a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the ratification […]

Dec 05
Discover Easton Director’s Report

December 2019- The “bright lights” of Easton are officially lit, with candles, wreaths, and lighted candy canes dressing up our downtown thanks to the men and women at Easton Utilities. Rudolph is set atop Talbot Town, and a third (!) Christmas tree in front of Tidewater Inn is a welcome addition to downtown, provided by […]

Nov 06
Discover Easton Director’s Report

October 2019- In case you hadn’t noticed the harvest decorations, busy landscapers, public works, and utilities teams, and the bubbling hum throughout town, the 49th annual Waterfowl Festival is upon us. This celebration of all things Eastern Shore has put a positive spotlight on Easton now for generations, and we are so excited to kick […]

Oct 03
Discover Easton Director’s Report: October 2019

Typing this in 95-degree heat, it feels odd to write about Christmas and holiday events, but as of the first week in October we are only two months away from the Christmas in Easton festivities, and we are currently in the thick of planning all of our events for the winter season. Below you’ll find […]

Sep 06
Discover Easton Director’s Report

September 2019- The shift from summer to fall in Easton is brisk, as the sudden surge of cooler weather brings about summer style sales and fall festivals, which kicked off with the recent Monty Alexander Jazz Festival over Labor Day weekend. To be honest, autumn is our favorite time of year in Easton, as it […]

Jul 31
Discover Easton Director’s Report

August 2019- As the Comptroller says, “It’s the most wonderful shopping time of the year.” Shop Maryland Tax-Free Week is almost here. And while the week is meant to promote back-to-school shopping in Maryland retailers, it’s important to remember that this is a great opportunity to promote the savings that all your customers can receive, […]

Jul 11
Discover Easton Director’s Report

July 2019- Our office is happy to announce the State’s choice of Easton as its newest Arts & Entertainment District. The new Easton Arts District, covering large parts of the Easton Historic District and outlying neighborhoods, will provide dramatic tax and marketing benefits to artists and arts organizations that sell or create artwork, perform music […]