Ciao Tutti!-Calling All Wine Lovers!

Tomorrow we are tasting a new wine for our collection, the Ribolla Gialla from the Ronchi Di Cialla Winery in Friuli. In the Fruilian dialect, “Roncs” means vinery cultivated hills in the small Cialla valley. Ribolla Gialla is one of the three white wines designated as a Cru Cialla only for the cultivation of native Frulian white wines.

The winery was founded in 1970 and is now run by the second generation, continuing the tradition of preserving the ancient Frulian wineries.  In 1976, Paolo and Dina Rapuzzi won the prestigious “Risit d’Aur ” award for saving the “Schioppettino” winery by finding about 60 surviving vines of the Schioppettino grape long thought to be extinct. They are proud of both producing extremely high quality wines and are a  “Biodiversity Friend” .

Perfect on its own as an aperitivo or paired with fish, shellfish, vegetarian antipasti or sausages.Come join us Friday from noon to 5:45 or Saturday from noon to 4:45 and taste this unique white wine!

Cin Cin!