Piazza Italian Market offering Stichelton Cheese

Piazza Italian Market

Stichelton is Stilton the way it was made 32 years ago. That was before the law was changed to require Stilton be made from pasteurized milk. ⁣⁣In 2006, Neal’s Yard Dairy founder Randolph Hodges asked cheesemaker Joe Schneider to bring back an extinct cheese: raw milk Stilton. They borrowed the 11th century name of the village of Stilton and re-created the original Stilton. They employed slow and careful make techniques (using very little starter culture) to allow the milk lots of time to develop its maximum flavor.⁣⁣ Bite a chunk of Stichelton and cue the music (Cher – If I Could Turn Back Time.

The taste is deep, complex and the texture is perfect. We think the best Stilton is Stichelton. We opened a fresh wheel today. @ Piazza Italian Market