Photos for Food Banks Project Raises Funds to Feed Residents on the Mid-Shore

Twelve Talbot County and Delmarva photographers have come together and donated some of their best photographs in exchange for a donation to the Mid-Shore Community Foundation (MSCF) Covid-19 Response Fund, specifically benefitting local food banks. The Photos for Food Banks Project is one of the few charitable campaigns that give something back to the people who support the effort by making a monetary donation.

The Photos for Food Banks’ first sale was to Dr. Robert Sanchez and wife Lynn.  She purchased a photo of the Pyramids which Steve Lingeman captured this past February on his trip on the Nile. The photo resonated with her because she had planned a similar trip with friends which was postponed until next year due to the pandemic.  Dr. Sanchez’s office is also displaying Photo Easton’s photos on their waiting room walls as a way of promoting the group’s fundraising efforts. 

“During this taxing time in our lives, it is such a wonderful way to both enrich our artistic needs and to meet the needs of those struggling to put food on their tables. We are so pleased to be able to participate in such a worthwhile project,” comment Rob and Lynn Sanchez of Easton.

The Photos for Food Banks Project is under the umbrella of Photo Easton, founded by local photographer Steve Lingeman and affiliated with the MSCF. Photo Easton’s formula is simple – make a purchase/donation and receive a photograph of your choice of equal value. Lingeman, who is passionate about his photography, got the idea for the fundraiser as he watched people standing in line for food in our community during the early days of the pandemic.

The Photo Easton photographers came together in a ZOOM meeting one Tuesday afternoon and discussed the massive lines at food banks around the U.S. as seen on TV. The conversation turned to the question: ”How can we help?” Several ideas were discussed by the group and it was decided that each of the photographer partners would donate three of their best photographs to the effort.

According to Lingeman, many of the Photo Easton photographers are award-winning artists in their own right. Their photos have graced the covers of “Attraction Magazine,” “What’s Up Shore Magazine,” and “Tidewater Times.”  The photographer partners in are Norm Bell (Oxford), Ned Egan (Easton), John Ellsworth (Trappe), Dave Harp (Cambridge), Cal Jackson (Easton), Chris Jewett (Grasonville), Sharon Lee (Easton), Steve Lingeman (Easton), Tony Masso (St. Michaels), Ted Mueller (Easton), Charles Riter (Easton) and Carol Horton Ward (Salisbury). is affiliated with the Mid-Shore Community Foundation. All donations go directly to the Mid-Shore Community Foundation’s Covid-19 Response Fund. Photo Easton photographer partners have donated supplies and their photographs to the fundraiser.  To purchase a beautiful framed and “ready to hang” photograph and see your purchase benefit local food banks, visit For information about displaying Photo Easton photographs to promote this fundraiser, call Steve Lingeman at 914-413-1516.

Cover picture: Lynn Sanchez with the photo, “Giza Plateau” by photographer Steve Lingeman. Her purchase of the photograph supports Photos for Food Banks, a fundraiser by Photo Easton photographer partners which benefits local food banks through MSCF Covid-19 Response Fund.