Silver Linings celebrates 10 years of Pearls of Promise

In 2011, Aida Leisure, owner of Silver Linings, noticed an emerging trend in gift giving, particularly for occasions like high school and college graduations. Traditional gifts of fine jewelry and lasting keepsakes were being replaced by tech gadgets and less personal objects that quickly become obsolete.

That’s when Aida made the decision to keep the tradition of giving fine jewelry to graduates alive. Between 2011–2020, Silver Linings has gifted an estimated 2,000 Pearls of Promise Necklaces to every young woman high school graduate in Talbot County, Maryland, where our stores are located. Pearls are a symbolic gift for the graduates, most of whom were born and raised on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, an area famous for the Eastern oyster.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Pearls of Promise in 2020, we have expanded the program to the national level and are making the Pearls of Promise Necklace available to high school and college graduates at a significantly reduced price (while supplies last through June 30, 2020). 

Why Pearls?

Simply put, pearls are timeless.

Pearls form within the soft tissue of a living oyster when a tiny foreign object is introduced. The oyster forms a protective layer of nacre around this foreign object, resulting in a beautiful pearl.

“Every young woman in Talbot County, Maryland will now own and wear a classic piece of jewelry, since I began the program in 2011,” says Aida. “It may be the predominant accessory she wears for professional interviews. It very well could be worn on her wedding day, and she might even pass the necklace on to a child in future years. Even if she never purchases or receives another piece of fine jewelry in her life, she will always have her Pearls of Promise.”

But now Aida wants to ensure that young women nationwide have the opportunity to purchase at an affordable price a Pearls of Promise Necklace, as a beautiful remembrance of her high school or college graduation. Both are accomplishments worthy of such acknowledgement.

The Necklace

Every Pearls of Promise Necklace is made from genuine cultured freshwater pearls. They are hand knotted and finished with a sterling silver clasp. The necklaces are available in 16″ or 18″ lengths, and retail for $75.00.

SPECIAL OFFER: Pearls of Promise Necklaces are sold at a reduced price of $40.00 until June 30th, 2020.


Silver Linings has been hard at work continuing to string pearls for Talbot County high school graduates! Kellye, store associate, makes sure to keep all the graduates safe when stringing the pearls by hand while Debbie McQuaid, guidance counselor at Easton High School, prepares the many gift boxes.