New mobile app available for Whole Note Coffee

Whole Note Coffee


We had some pretty awesome people create our own branded mobile ordering app!

What does this mean? Well, our Joe Coffee App will be halted on the 25th, so you won’t be able to order from Joe Coffee anymore. But it also means our new app is already live in the google play and Apple stores! The app designers work with us to create a user-friendly experience and include similar options, like the ability to choose counter or curb-side and now up-to-date inventory of @turnbridgetalbot and @gfreebakerygirl goods! When you sign up on the app you will also get $2 towards your order!

We have had a couple people test drive the app already (you know who you are) and it’s been going pretty well! Make sure to give us feedback on your experience if you use it. We want to make the user experience as easy and seamless as possible. Download it now and see you soon! We’re open until 2! @ Whole Note Coffee