For many, yoga is a gentle massage for time’s aches, a structured path toward greater strength and improved physical prowess.  For Natalie, yoga was the answer to a physical trauma, a skiing accident causing a broken back and near constant pain. A neurosurgeon recommended yoga’s curative powers both to strengthen her core and increase her endurance and flexibility.  After making an astounding recovery healing her mind and body, Natalie adapted her lessons further to enhance and enrich her life and the lives of her two young children.  She is excited to share the gift of yoga’s teachings with her clients on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Natalie’s yoga is a blended approach, taking concepts from her studies that began with training in Asheville, North Carolina under Stephanie Keach at the Asheville Yoga Center.  She gained further insights from yoga greats Seane Corn, Kathryn Budig, Sharon Gannon and Shiva Rea.

Yoga at Blue Mat combines slow and brisk movements, body elongation and articulation, as well as balance and breathing.

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