Hummingbird Inn’s Tuesday Test Kitchen is Back

Hummingbird Inn

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the “Test Kitchen” but I had a chance to work on a new entree this week: Feta & Zucchini Soufflé.

It’s an extremely light, fluffy egg dish that has a bit of a creamy texture to it. The dish is made with crumbled feta cheese, grated parmesan cheese, freshly grated zucchini, egg yolks, and whipped egg whites folded in. It is then baked in a ramekin until the top is golden brown.

So, what’s the verdict? I would say this is a 4 out of a 5-star dish. Overall, I really enjoyed the taste, but the recipe calls for NO seasoning at all. If you are watching your salt intake, this would be a perfect dish.

My guess is that with the inclusion of the 2 kinds of cheese, there would be enough salt/flavor in the dish to support it. This might be the case, but the amounts called for are fairly small as well.

At only 240 calories per serving, I think the ingredients were geared to a low-cal dish. If that’s the case, it was a hit and something that would be a good menu selection for when we do our special “Healthy Eating Weekend” menu.

With that being said, I think we need to do another round in the Test Kitchen with a few minor adjustments. I do like how light the texture is and I don’t want to detract from that by over-seasoning it. So a slight “bump” in now much cheese is used and a touch of some basic seasoning (Salt & Pepper) and see if that makes the dish work a little better.

One of these days I’m going to have to get my plan to open Test KItchen Tuesday tasting to the public so I can get some additional opinions…