Discover Easton Director’s Report

Ross Benincasa
Discover Easton Executive Director

July 2019- Our office is happy to announce the State’s choice of Easton as its newest Arts & Entertainment District. The new Easton Arts District, covering large parts of the Easton Historic District and outlying neighborhoods, will provide dramatic tax and marketing benefits to artists and arts organizations that sell or create artwork, perform music or theater, host arts-related events, and many other community-building projects that we hope to bring to Easton soon.

The tax benefits, including an income tax subtraction for art produced and sold in the Easton Arts District and property tax abatements for arts-related renovations and construction, will encourage additional investment in the arts within the new Easton Arts District, and will bring about new arts-related events, performances, and more into downtown Easton. 

To learn more about the new Easton Arts District, please click here.