Chesapeake Blooms recognizes local businesses

Each week Chesapeake Blooms recognizes a person and/or business going the extra mile during these uncertain times. This week they gave a shout out and bountiful bouquet of garden fresh local flowers to 4 Sisters Halal Meat and Groceries in recognition of their generous efforts to feed those in need:

We see you Purveen and daughters at Four Sisters for doing good things for our community! If you are a local fan of South Asian food, you will surely recognize this brightly colored food truck on Dover Street next door to Rise Up Coffee. This women-led business dishes up delicious Pakistani and Indian curries tempered with goodwill and generosity. In fact, every Thursday since the Covid-19 pandemic started, Purveen and her daughters have been providing free meals to those who cannot afford to buy them – no questions asked – in addition to feeding first responders. Every week, Chesapeake Blooms is recognizing a person and/or business who is going the extra mile or two during these uncertain times to better our community and we are happy to give them a bountiful bouquet of garden fresh local flowers. This week we are honored to nominate Four Sisters. If you have any ideas or suggestions of who to name, please let us know. Your input has been extremely helpful so far! Also if you happen to have a craving for authentic curries, consider popping by Four Sisters food truck in Easton.