Spiralis Gallery -

Spiralis Gallery's objective is to share our deep affinity for Afro Caribbean art, particularly Haitian, by presenting this genre to discerning collectors worldwide. The gallery will focus on emerging and midcareer artists, with a secondary lens on Outsider artists or "art brut." The Gallery's new online presence amplifies the visual narratives of Afro Caribbean artists by presenting bold pieces, vibrant fiber art, bricolage, and sculpture. In so doing, our fervent hope is to connect cultures and people in meaningful ways, thereby emphasizing and exploring our common humanity.

Spiralis is a dream come true for me. As a long-time art collector and medical volunteer in developing world settings, particularly Haiti, my aspiration has been to share my love of art, which I view as essential to life. In art our collective humanity is restored, sustained and reaffirmed

The Zebra Gallery - The Zebra Gallery is owned by Susan Schauer John, an award-winning local fiber artist.

John has been an artist all her life, gaining inspiration and recognition in many art forms, including woodturning, portraiture, and fiber arts. Her work has been exhibited and sold in galleries from Washington, DC to San Francisco and she has work in the permanent collection of the White House. Her work features animals, specifically species of birds native to the Chesapeake Bay region. Through fabric collage and creative stitching, she combines abstract and realism.

“Art is how I see the world, and what I see continues to evolve. This medium puts everything together,” comments John.