A look inside the Hummingbird Inn


Most people don’t expect what they find in the Crisfield Room at award-winning historic Hummingbird Inn in Easton, MD. But if you hike up to the 3rd floor of this 1887 Queen Anne Victorian, you will be in for an awesome surprise as you walk into The Crisfield Room.

One thing guests learn quickly at Hummingbird Inn is that this is not your traditional Victorian B&B experience. With a mixture of styles from the furnishings to the artwork, Hummingbird Inn is a smorgasbord for the eyes.

When the Inn opened in 2017, there were only 5 guest rooms furnished and available to book. There was, however, a large empty room on the 3rd floor waiting to be designed and furnished as the 6th guest room on the property.

The initial plan was to continue with the Victorian style like the 5 other rooms, but with the lower ceiling and Victorian furniture usually being “bigger/heavier”, we didn’t want to room to seem too cramped. The plan was to come up with a design that would be comfortable, interesting, and make the space seem open and spacious. So the decision was to go full-on contemporary!

From the carpeting, painting, and furniture, everything was new, sleek, modern, and had the clean lines to create a stunning look. A few unique and original small pieces of art from local artists were included to add to the decor. But….something big was missing.

Over the natural wood platform bed with floating end tables, unique modern light fixtures, and a truly amazingly comfortable mattress, was a big, blank wall. It needed something special; something unique.

The perfect solution ended up being created by my amazing brother-in-law who studied the room, the light, the “feel” of the space, and created a true masterpiece that has hung over the bed for just over a year.

So why write about it now? Well, when the website pictures were taken, the Crisfield Room didn’t exist so there were only 5 rooms showing. Once the room was furnished, pictures of the Crisfield Room were taken and added to the website but the main artwork was still missing while it was being created.

I finally was able to get one of the local photographers to take new professional pictures of The Crisfield Room to include the art and I just published them to the website.

Check out all the new pictures of The Crisfield Room below. The room is spacious, comfortable, features some high-tech equipment such as a 47″ Smart TV with Netflix, etc., Bluetooth speaker/alarm clock, built-in USB outlets everywhere, a modern writer/work desk, sitting area, and a daybed to lounge on and gaze out the window overlooking the beautiful historic neighborhood.

As one of the most popular rooms in the Inn, you’ll want to book early if you’d like this special experience. We had a 3-month waiting list for this room last summer!

But don’t worry, if you can’t get this room this time, the other 5 rooms are all spectacular and unique in their own way. Whether it be a claw-foot jacuzzi tub, a high-pressure waterfall shower, a working fireplace, or a cozy sitting room in the Queen Anne Turret, a stay in any room at Hummingbird Inn will be special.

For the guaranteed lowest rates, call us (410-822-0605) or book directly online on our website: www.HummingbirdInnEaston.com